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I find it difficult to sympathize with your criticism (that the staff of SOF "knows that Liberals are right . . . conservatives are wrong...."), particularly in light of your expansion on Mouw's views and some that you identify as legitimate ("any argument for same-sex marriage is bound to lend support to arguments favoring legalization of polygamy, for example"). It is these sorts of comments that have made it difficult to have a civil discourse on this topic, akin to starting from the accepted 'truth' that homosexuality is a 'sin'. I applaud SOF for having the fortitude to invite Mouw to the show. I could not have made it through the interview. It is one thing to defend traditional theological beliefs - quite another to argue that those beliefs should remain secularized and be reflected in our civil institutions (like marriage). It is appropriate to ask why any spiritual belief ought to enjoy the force of law in this country. Not a radical notion (see discussions on the First Amendment's 'no establishment' and 'free exercises' clauses). And, I think that was an inherent question during the interview.