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"I maintain as well that liberals are less biased than conservatives"

Yeah, liberals are often pretty convinced of that. Oddly, conservatives tend to feel otherwise. I can't say I've noticed much difference myself.

But it doesn't matter in this context which side is less biased. Bias, whether a degree less or more, is unacceptable in a program that strives to understand spirituality or "being" in its fullness. This show has shown repeatedly that it's nowhere close to understanding conservative spirituality, and it seems not to want to very much, even though conservative spirituality forms a huge part of the spiritual world. The partial view also prevents full understanding of liberal spirituality, which comes out of and understands itself in part in contrast to more conservative views, and which can benefit from hearing how it's seen by others. The bias tends to polarize the audience and keep conservatives from benefitting from the show, since they find their views unfairly represented and tune elsewhere--which supports outlets like Fox.

The partial view is a disservice to listeners of all persuasions--even you, even though you talk as though you prefer a more insular view.