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Dear Lisa,

I come back to this post every now and then to look at the comments. As I continue to better understand this discourse, I am convinced that the realm of civility need not include entertaining ideas that are historically on the side of inequality. I stand by my statement that Mr. Mouw's views on marriage equality are empirically wrong. The curve of equality is often well behind that of public opinion, especially among those who use tradition as a stronghold from which to espouse their thinly disguised fear of change. It doesn't mean we respect or love them any less. It just means that we can say with the confidence and clarity of those who know their cause is just, "I'm sorry, but inequality is simply something we cannot stand for."

I know that my cause is just. I know that our community deserves marriage equality. I know that I can continue to love those who disagree with me yet remain firm in my stand.