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I was wondering what you meant by your statement "I am convinced that the realm of civility need not include entertaining ideas that are historically on the side of inequality."
I have another question for you, which I offer respectfully, do you believe that those who are homosexual are homosexual genetically or by choice? And I asked this because when I think about the issue of "marriage equality" I think that this question of genetic or choice makes a difference (at least to me). I asked this question because several years ago I had a conversation with a woman who was a homosexual, who I knew from work and was fairly well acquainted with, and she said that she was homosexual by choice. If a large group of people are genetically homosexual then that is something to consider in this debate, but if people are homosexual by choice then this would seem to be on par with people who would by "choice" prefer a polygamist marriage, which I believe is not lawfully allowed or fill in the blank with any "choice" that people might prefer but is not lawfully allowed.
That curve which you spoke of, which as you stated "is often well behind that of public opinion," could be tweaked a little to say that "truth" often alludes the public's opinion and I would agree, but is it true that by "choice" alone anyone who wants something should be given it? You mention "equality" is that something everyone should have? That might seem a silly question, but should we extend equal rights to every person with a strong desire to have their belief recognized or does equality demand more than mere desire?

For your consideration, John