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One thing that worries me a bit is that all of these posts are written with the assumption that Long is guilty as charged. While I confess to suspecting he is, I still would hope we could open our minds to the idea that he might not be. I roll my eyes at people who put anti-gay stands front & center in their theology or evangelizing. I am deeply skeptical that the "prosperity gospel" Long & others preach has any relationship to anything approximating Christianity. Nonetheless, I do remember that 4 accusations & a non-denial denial are not proof against Long.

Also, it seems as though the national news media has been remiss in mostly acting as if Long is guilty yet not doing the leg work to either substantiate or refute provable parts of the claims. It may be hard to prove directly whether he pushed the boys to have sex with him, but the boys are making specific allegations about where they were (hotels, cities, etc.) & money that was spent & dates these transactions took place -- surely that kind of thing is checkable? Here in Michigan we recently had a case where a teacher was accused of molesting two boys. The man's reputation has been trashed, but upon investigation, it turned out that the room they claimed the attack took place in was not empty (as they claimed) during the time they claimed the attack took place. It seems a kind of evil not to care enough about the facts to get what's checkable checked before we get too far ahead of ourselves in acting as though we know that people are genuinely guilty of that of which they are accused.