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I noticed that Ms. Tippett's pitch for this interview at the end of the latest installment of Being (the show) frames it as reframing the Long story. This seems to be the way the staff here understand what they're doing when in actuality they're simply giving the liberal view of things. As with the supposed reframing of the embryonic stem cell controversy, there's nothing particularly new in the views expressed here. They're standard, even orthodox liberal views.

If Being wants to really reframe things, the staff needs to question the view they apparently have that in presenting stuff they find interesting or attractive without regard to the liberal/conservative distinction they're thereby transcending that distinction. What liberals find interesting or attractive is usually just liberal stuff. Even the conservative Mouw who's up next week for a repeat appearance, and so is apparently an attractive guest, is appealing because for an Evangelical he has pretty liberal attitudes. What of the great mass of Evangelicals who aren't so attractive to liberals?

It might be useful for the staff to imagine the pitfalls that would face a group of conservatives who got together to present a show on faith. (Being conservatives, they wouldn't shy away from calling it faith.) Of course, the fact that only conservatives were involved would present an immediate red flag. For some reason, that flag isn't noticed, or at least isn't heeded, when a bunch of liberals get together to do the same.

But putting aside that obvious problem that really ought to be remedied, and by more than a token effort, what methods could the hypothetical conservative staff use to try to properly present the world of faith, a large part of which they don't understand very well, disagree with or are even hostile to? Might they have trouble seeing their own biases and their effects? How do they get past that? It would take something much deeper than having an occasional liberal on. Surely relying heavily on what they find interesting and attractive would *not* work.