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In a workplace always buzzing about "the Church", it has been totally silent (possisbly speaking quietly behind closed doors) on the issue of Bishop Long. Of course, not being Black puts me outside the circle of influence here. Eddie Long represents the epitomy of self - proclaimed Bishop of a congregation of his own making. The pastor in an autonomous Black church is very powerful. New Birth is commonly known as Bishop Long's church. His abuse of that power has not gone unnoticed. Sending buff photos of himself to young me goes way beyond being fit for God. Its all about Eddie.
There is no heirarchy ... he is the final decision. There must be an heir or heiress apparent for him to remotely consider stepping down in any form or fashion. Would that be Rev. Bernice King? I would think even Rev. King would be a tentative choice, being a woman.
Its going to the Bishop against the world, and "his" church will back up to keep from backing down ... right or wrong.