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Confirmation! Another Religious Scholar with religious degrees and for whatever reason. She some how have more direct contact with God. It's not a degree. It's a true relationship with God. Why all this black church, homosexualty, newbirth, and bishop eddie long. Satan is unified...christians are always fighting each other. Baptist, Penacostal, catholic, etc. Their is One God, One Jesus, and One Holy Ghost. CHRISTIANS LET'S GO TO WARFARE ON WHAT'S DESTROYING THE UNITY OF FAMILIES, CHILDREN DROPP OUT OF SCHOOL AT AN ALARMING RATE, TEEN GIRLS AND BOYS CONFUSED ABOUT THIER PLACE BECAUSE NO ONE IS GUIDING. PEOPLE WANT ANSWERS! AND IT'S NOT NEWBIRTH OR BISHOP EDDIE LONG.... I SPEAK FOR REAL CHRISTIANS....GOD HASN'T STOPPED BEING GOD...HE DOESN'T NEED ANY HELP. He created all of us to help one another. BUT, STILL WE SIT BACK AND TRY AND TEAR ONE ANOTHER DOWN. WHY CAN'T WE STAND AS 1!