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It seems that Ms. Bulter is speaking to the duplicity that we see in almost every releigious institution that oposses Homosexuality.Those that have hierarchies well as you note theres a heirarchy in almost every organization ,you just have to look to find them. We can all perhaps agree that absolute power corrupts absolutely.Even a person with deep devoution and a calling to serve their community can fall prey to this.To have a structure in place to protect and support the community and its leaders seems ,simply sensible. Your opinions of Gods stance on homosexuality may not be those of Ms Butler's. However again would you not agree that Rev. Longs possible actions do not represent the actions God would approve of? As someone you would probably consider a liberal please be assured that whether or not Being airs a more conservative veiw I have no false sense of security. I have a great sense of little or no security. A sense that is only further fueled by stories such as this.