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Sanpete, I'd encourage you to search our archives for a variety of voices who speak to these many issues that might speak to this fairness and balance. We welcome your suggestions and ideas for other voices that you'd like us to speak with about the alleged accusations about Bishop Long. It would behoove you to know that while we are trying to bring viewpoints to the fore on this news event, we are also producing a show with a conservative Christian Evangelical leader for next week. Although Richard Mouw views homosexuality as a sin as called out in the Bible, he also calls for gentleness and civility in his interview with Krista. This program functions as a project, as an operating whole that should be measured by our total efforts rather than in pieces.

As to your insinuations in the final paragraph, you should speak more plainly and more directly if you are to make accusations like this, and then support your views. We are willing to take your critiques seriously, but you should honor your suggestions with fact rather than opinion.
Trent Gilliss, senior editor