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Sanpete has, as he allows, misunderstood my view. My question about hierarchies was not meant as a blanket condemnation, but more of a weary observation, that churches, like secular organizations, fail to provide moral back up for leaders whose human frailty is tested by the license and power of their position. My workplace, for example, is hierarchical, and in fact, I am a leader in that hierarchy. My position indeed gives me privilege. That realization doesn't make me less concerned that generally speaking human beings (self included) don't perform well morally when their personal power is unchecked by the people and the structures around them. To the contrary.

I turned to Anthea Butler for this interview because I thought her insight on the black church was insightful. It should be noted that our program next week does in fact offer an esteemed and wise voice, that of Richard Mouw, whose views on homosexuality fall on the "conservative" side.