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This is so inspiring. I immediately sent a link, drawing attention to the Penny Power Calendar, onto a couple of folks in my PC(USA) home church in Nashville as a possible future fundraiser for communities in need that we serve. I think this would be a great Lenten activity and I definitely plan to have a Penny Calendar and jar at home.

I've been looking around my apartment and thinking of all the things one could count, including some "invisible" items - my cd collection isn't that big... and then I considered how many albums I have in iTunes.

I'd be inclined to up the ante and make Sunday a "dollar day" - a dollar for some major signifiers of our wealth... tv. car. computers. dishwasher. And also using it as a way of considering whether, after counting them, there are belongings that we don't really need that we could sell to raise money for others or be donated to others more in need or that we could share with others.

This is such an adaptable idea with real opportunity for creativity - it could be applied to so many different kinds of issues and causes and so appropriate for kids. I like that folks end up giving relative to their wealth and that it's something members of a household could do together as a reflection on gratitude, service to others and our attachment to material possessions.

I also think it makes for a great way to learn from, and about, our neighbors in the Mennonite tradition and your social justice values. It could be inspiration for conversation - to be encouraged by a different religious tradition's approach to poverty and be open to reinvigorating our own ongoing efforts in new ways.

Thanks for sharing, Anne. So glad this was posted. Looks like a great event and those quilts... oh my. Beautiful.