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I understand your position, and respectfully, I on one hand applaud the Mormons leaders for apologizing, However, the point I would like to make is that an apology for something so hurtful, and the size and magnitude of their bigotry, it "is too little, too late". I look at it as a clear admission of guilt, shame, and yes something they as a church needs to seriously reconsider. I did not hear them saying anything about a reconsideration of their views against homosexuals. I believe the apology came only after they got caught of attempting to change public policy and the law of the land of CA, which is in the USA totally unacceptable. We believe and value of the separation of Church and State, - the Mormons violated that to the upmost. In this case, justice isn't an apology, justice would be the arrest and jail time of Mormon leaders, that would be a starting place. Rev. Dana Daniell