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Like many others, Elder Marlin Jensen believes that an apology is required for the harm the church's positions or members have caused gay and lesbian folk, but I would point out that an apology is only half of what is required for forgiveness. True change requires not only forgiveness from those one has harmed, but also an act of redemption on the part of the one or one's who have caused the harm, an act that shows and expresses earnestness to change. Forgiveness is not offered if an act of redemption is not tied to the request for forgiveness.

In our society it has become easy to apologize for things. We see it on the television and read it in the newspapers all the time. "So-and-so" apologizes for the harm that has been caused. There isn't much recognition that the Bible requires an act of redemption BEFORE the forgiveness can be offered. Jesus redeemed us with his death, which we take to mean that God could then forgive us and we stood in a new relationship to God.

All too often we see the apology without the act of redemption. What act of redemption is Elder Jensen making? What act of redemption is his church making? Without that act of redemption, I find it difficult, especially after 6 teen suicides this last two weeks, to believe that forgiveness is called for or sought after! The church poured massive amounts of money in a campaign filled with lies and innuendo. What act of redemption will they make for that?