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There is a fundamental flaw in the perspective of those here berating the LDS (Mormon) Church and its position on Prop 8—that the Church was being cruel, bigoted and mean-spirited in its support of Prop 8, thereby persecuting GLBT people. In fact, the Church’s position was to affirm marriage between a man and a woman and support the children they bear. This is only a rejection of gay marriage by extension. There is an important difference in the nuance. The Church was primarily fighting FOR something, only secondarily against its opposite. And it was responding to the initial attack, which was on the time-proven form of marriage. It was never the intent of the Church institutionally or its members collectively to harm anyone. On the contrary: Our whole hope is to share with God’s children His truth that they may thereby be free—from sin, guilt, ignorance, and pain. God’s plan for His children is loving and kind, and centers on healthy families, the incubator of human progress and joy. To yield this view to political pressure is to renege on our mission to bless humanity. And LDS members were simply using their constitutional and democratic rights to express themselves and pursue their goals.

It saddens me that people hope to encourage—or even force—the LDS Church to change its stance on same-sex marriage. It never will. It can’t. It’s doctrine, not policy. To change its position would be to renounce its very purpose, destroy its very spiritual fabric. The hope of LDS people is to live peaceably with those who disagree with our views. Our stance on marriage will not change, but we hope harsh attitudes and actions—on both sides—will.