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Elder Jensen, who had been taking notes constantly, arose and through
his tears said, “I know that never in my life will I experience an hour
quite like this one.” He said he had heard very clearly the pain that
had been expressed and that “to the full extent of my capacity I say
that I am sorry.” (note in the above quote those three little dots decontextualized this apology, so I offer the complete quote as I found it as reported by 
by Carol Lynn Pearson September 2010 @b3acb5053b12fc95cb8b3376cfae8aa1:disqus

There was never a statement suggesting that Elder Jensen felt the
Church’s support of Proposition 8 was an error or that he was
apologizing for that event. He said, “I have heard the calls for change
in our church’s policy on this subject. I have read Carol Lynn
Pearson’s books and wept as I read them. I don’t think the evolution of
our policies will go as far as many would like. Rather I think the
evolution will be one of better understanding. I believe our concept of
marriage is part of the bedrock of our doctrine and will not change. I
believe our policy will continue to be that gay members of the Church
must remain celibate. However, I want you to know that as a result of
being with you this morning, my aversion to homophobia has grown. I
know that many very good people have been deeply hurt, and I know that
the Lord expects better of us.”