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I submit that if these good people felt free to follow their own hearts and the inner light of their own consciences, rather than the expressed doctrine of the Church or what they perceive to be the expectations of the group, then they would not behave the way they do.

After leaving the Mormon Church, I also came to this conclusion about the LDS church and other human institutions.  I think MOST people are naturally more loving, tolerant, and good to each other when NOT influenced by church institutions, extreme nationalism, over-the-top sports insanity, and other arenas of competition. On television the other day, I even watched a grown man beat another man because of his belief that FORD was better than CHEVY!    We would have NO wars against other countries if not for governmental policies and actions against so called "enemies".  We would have no ginned-up animosity toward other cities and rival schools and colleges without sports insanity. In the same way, after leaving the church, I found NO JUSTIFICATION for hating anyone or expressing intolerance toward other human beings.  Institutions cause mob mentality.  All human beings do better when they restrain themselves from being caught up in this sort of "sanctioned" mob rule.  We humans are better than this!!  I say we each need to take an active stand against ANY institution which causes us to ignore our better angels.