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prop H8(hate) defends nothing, it actually discriminates and creates a second class citizen. if you wish to defend marriage, why not outlaw divorce? i'm just saying...
and regarding LDS doctrine, it HAS changed, (and will continue to change) ie: 1)they now allow black men to enter the priesthood 2) they stopped plural marriage. maybe when the "saints" have a "change" of heart will the sealed doctrine of the BOM be revealed. don't be so opposed to change, remember your religion says some 2/3 of book of mormon remains secret because the world is not yet ready to receive such truths, so you still have a lot to learn, a lot of change is coming your way so why not perfect your faith in the Lord instead of making secret combination to oppress your fellow man? lds church teaches lucifer tries to limit man's agency, and in bankrolling prop 8 such as they did, the mormons are busy doing the devils work! for shame!