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@ Max/blood:

Actually, your misperceptions/misrepresentation of LDS doctrine is part of what perpetuates the animosity between the two sides, preventing us from reaching common ground. Of course there will be disagreements, but when you refuse to even accept my point of view (Max) and lash out with vitriol (blood), you make it impossible for you to even see me as a person with whom to work on this issue, to say nothing of offending me intellectually and personally.

The reason same-sex marriage will tear at the spiritual fabric of LDS doctrine is that the center of that doctrine for humans is eternal families. Gay couples cannot generate children, thereby making themselves an inherently limited family, rather than perpetual families, as LDS doctrine teaches. Yes, there have been many changes to LDS policies and practices over time--and there will continue to be--but not to doctrine; that's why I made the distinction. Discontinuing polygamy and blacks holding the priesthood are examples of policy changes, not doctrinal changes.

Finally, there are two ways to alleviate "heaviness": one is to drop the weight, the other is to grow stronger. No religious practices or policies are heavy if you simply allow people to do whatever they want to do. But that's never been the focus of true Christianity. Rather, the Savior sought to lift people up past their weaknesses with both His teachings and His atonement. Better to make people stronger, rather than acquiesce to their innate weakness. That's the whole point of having a savior.