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There are so many people who cannot read Hebrew or understand Hebrew. Find a community where they transliterate all the prayers and songs. Even though you may still feel bothered by the fact that you are using the transliteration, I can guarantee you that more people are using it than you would think. This uncomfortable feeling around Hebrew keeps people away from shul, but don't let it! Just because we are all Jews does not mean that we will instantly find community together. We all have vastly different experiences, but keep looking, you will find the one that feels right for you. I converted to Judaism about 11 years ago and I worried that I didn't have the camp experiences, and the cultural experiences. I had to create my own memories and begin from scratch. I got there, and so will you! I still feel uncomfortable at times, but I realized that I would feel that way in many situations regardless of my connection to that community. The more you go and do, the more familiar it feels! I wish you a very sweet new year!