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Baking round Hallah with raisins is traditional for a sweet New year is also symbolic of the circle of life. Since food is so greatly tied into our memories, I make sure to serve up traditional family recipes that are associated with the holidays, like a sweet noodle raisin kugel and brisket that roasts with chili sauce and beer. I have learned my husband's aunt's way of cooking chicken soup for the matzoh balls where she adds some sweet onion, tomato and pepper to the traditional celery and carrots. The house smells incredible. My family is not religious....just I try to "feed" their souls with the traditions of generations of Jews. When my children become parents, they may wish to continue these food traditions with their families, and maybe seek spiritual fulfillment to make the dinner more meaningful.

Another great book (for Friday Sabbath) is "How Yussle Caught the Gefilte Fish." It's another coming of age book where a young boy goes fishing for the gefilte fish and only catches a carp, pike and trout, but not a gefilte.....he watches his mother in the kitchen make magic happen....("The Carp in the Bathtub" is a favorite of ours as well.)