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I just re-found "Speaking of Faith"/Krista Tippett this morning when I chose to listen to my home-state Public Radio through ITunes. I was delighted ... and ... I think we spiritual people and others are getting too bogged down with old religious words that don't work for all of us as we become more and more enlightened to our own valid (we hope and sincere we hope) beliefs. Certain religions in our own country (through invalid leaders, in my mind) seem to be mostly concerned with their own gains from stirring the masses to actually hate anything different from what they choose to believe. Does that make any sense at all to anyone? It just doesn't to me. My mother was a special woman in many, many ways and i loved her/love her still. Half of her ashes after she died were given to me and the other half stayed in the state where she lived with my sister and family for many years. The ashes were planted in our own backyards. My husband and our part of our family and my sister and family eventually sold our homes to move far away. I realize that the thought that my mother stayed under the earth, in those yards, for any reason is ridiculous and she would not have wanted us to think otherwise. She is still with us but in a very personal real way with our own memories. Do I love her less? Never. Does she love me less? Never. I have no doubts on that. Religion changes with each edition of THE books. My beliefs are enriched each year by living and allowing myself to be open to new wonderful learnings. I follow no forced constrictions in religion given to me to follow by another person or book. I believe in myself and know that I believe in others. I try to see both sides of a story or happening and I have acted upon them in what I believe to be positive ways. Just what might it be like if we all could and would?