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Dear Krista,
Your show is absolutely uniquely precious-and essential!
I too am sad to lose the title, Speaking of Faith, because this is what we should be doing. Without some kind of faith one can't be cheerful about life and one cannot boot-strap their way up the spiritual path (Jacob's Ladder).

As another said who cares about the title, it's the content that matters. I agree. I can understand, but have no data, that the word faith may exclude some would-be listeners. This is not important.

The concept of being is certainly essential to spirituality. Unfortunately, it has two meanings: being in this physical world, or being in the spiritual world. The new title might bring in more listeners, but this shouldn't be the motive for changing the name - and anyway don't worry about more listeners. Those who feel touched by your guests and your gentle insightfullness will seek out the program as a dialogue that objectively airs underlying questions about spirituality without having a mission or a doctrine to preach. They won't care about the title.

My understanding is that we are all on a spiritual path, as a part of the human involution process, and consciously or unconsciously we all seek to know more about this process. This path has been described as similar to beating your way through a jungle alone with no obvious direction. Just stopping (or being) at any point can be helpful, but doesn't necessarily provide guidance. Having faith, and believing that there is a superior purpose to our life that will take us to a higher level of consciousness, is essential. The guidance is hidden inside our souls and we need to have enough faith to find it. With faith comes God's Grace - a gratuitous gift to help us along.

Krista, please excuse me. I couldn't find your reasoning, and just blurted out my opinion on this. I will listen always to your show - I believe that it is part of the spiritual awakening that is occurring in this epoch.

all my best,