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I think Being may actually be closer to the show's essence than Faith has been. I admit I'm not a faithful listener, but to me faith connotes a western theistic set of ideas whereas the show is much more expansive. I think an underlying cord which binds the flow is possibly more Eastern (pantheistic monism) in thought, thus the attempt at connectedness between all manner of being without any regard to whether they can be right or wrong.
This is not to take away from the way the show tries to bring out beauty and meaning from all manner of paradigms, and tries to gently encourage us to embrace other ways of being, but to emphasize the connectedness ". . . within us all" idea which feels quite Eastern. The Eastern way allows us freedom from reason and logic and even morality as it were, and helps us focus on being, one-ness, connected-ness, climbing the same mountain by different paths . . .
Myself being more convinced of Western paradigms which allow critical thinking, my idea of a show about "Being" would be an examination of "models" where evidence could allow us to falsify them or lend them support. "Models" of the universe (we all own one) should be "examined" as Socrates advised, they should have explanatory and predictive power. They should explain why things are as they are, and should predict new discoveries. But I suppose this has little value in a strict Eastern sense, and would be a quite different show from what SOF has ever has been.
I wish Krista the best in her quest.