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I participated in the request for comments when this name change was first proposed, when Krista asked listeners for comments. As I recall, most comments were against the name change and I do not recall Being as a suggestion by anyone (but it may have been).
Like many things I have learned about APR, NPR and my public radio station (WKSU), they ask for comments and then do what they want anyway. So, why involve the listeners?

My point is a name change usually indicates a change of direction (even though Krista says it will not) and I guess that's what I'm not comfortable with when it comes to Speaking of Faith. WHERE are we going if Speaking of Faith no longer says it? A name like Being is so general that it can mean anything and mostly nothing, and I don't want to go there. I did read Krista's comments on why the name was changed and why the name Being was selected. All pretty cerebral and certainly elitist in approach which, in my opinion, disconnects the new show name from anything I want to be associated with.