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Well, ok. I like it. Yeah, I think it covers a broader context and unifies at the same time...good choice. When you asked us a few months back about the name change I emphatically said "no!" But the system wouldn't take my response. I liked Speaking of Faith. But I am working myself toward educating others on the concept of being and it's commonality across religions and life walks. Our ability to be, to simply be - in the now - has been largely ignored and, unfortunately associated more with eastern than western religion or as a moment perspective on the human condition. So I am glad to know this will be the new cornerstone of SOF. "Faith" has become misused. People use it to define their religion rather than the deep trust in mystery. So let's move away from that one, and toward something we all do - we are all being - beings - human beings - humans being human! Maybe a focus on being will help to unify us over the condition we all have in common. Love your show! Thank you! Peggy