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It just shows how much "faith" is associated with "religion". Having faith has nothing to do with organized religion in my mind. The latter has everything to do with brainwashing and controlling the masses and endless bigotry; whilst the former is recognizing who we really are deep down at our core when all the veils of our delusions are lifted (yes, it sounds very simplistic, but soooo true), and about love and compassion and joy. It's ok to have faith and not be religious. It's ok to know and acknowledge that we don't know everything. When you get quiet enough in your heart to listen.... that's when you realize what 'faith' is all about.

I don't care what you change the title into, just keep the fantastic work that you do, and keep the show going! I listen and re-listen to the podcasts, amazing stories, and I am deeply grateful for being able to get to them.