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I love that you've responded to the need you see in our culture... I mean, I agee with other commenters that it's unfortunate that the word "faith" is a roadblock to so many; on the other hand, simply continuing to use the word with hopes that SOF's intelligent conversations about it will change perceptions strikes me as naive. After all, those who misperceive the word are never the ones listening. :) So - Kudos on having the discernment and bravery to be a little reborn. :)

I confess I'm not sold on "KT on Being," mostly because the word "being" is so broad... And while what you do IS deliciously broad (I'm one of your biggest fans), "being" encompasses so much *more* than religion/meaning/ethics/ideas that if I were to hear the title w/ no background, I'm not sure it'd tell me enough about ya'll are about to get me to listen that 1st time.

But - You've begun the journey and off it will go. Over time the new title will come to represent who you all are and what you do, and we will love it as always. And you're right - As broad as it is, it IS more shareable, without the disclaimers I've found myself attaching to the sharing before now. :)

Take care, and keep doing what you do!