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This food dilemma definitely interests me and my quandary about what to eat these days in my life. During this past year, I read or heard that pigs were smarter than dogs. I have two dogs, rescued mixed terriers, chihuahua mom and Jack Russel dad, that are 7 seven years old, sisters, have all the worst qualities of both breeds, but are my companions of choice on most of my days. I couldn't even imagine eating my dogs. When Hurricane Katrina was happening in New Orleans and I saw the pets that were stranded, I knew that if I were ever in a situation where I had to evacuate where I live, I would never leave without my dogs. Even if I had to take water, dog food and pack them out on my front and back. How can I eat a sentient being who is allegedly smarter than my dogs? I have farmer son. He has worked on numerous dairies, is a beekeeper, has run a CSA (community supported agriculture farm), has lovingly raised alot of male calves into adults for slaughter and alot of piglets into pigs for meat. He names each one of his animals, has a relationship with them. They have nice, peaceful lives until they are killed. BUT, I don't feel I could do that. I try to each as much as a vegetarian, if not vegan, as I can. I have not reached the point where I refuse food, whatever it is, when I am in a guest situation. I think it is really important to think about the potential decisions we need to make to make us more conscious of our connections to all living beings.