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This is wonderful! My journey has led from a Roman Catholic household to an excommunicated community called Spiritus Christi in Rochester, NY. My Dad was a Methodist and I so envied his family for the pot-luck suppers and picnics that we attended while visiting in Kansas (not quite Oklahoma) when I was a child. As an adult, I wandered from Catholicism, to Methodism, back to THE CHURCH, and then to Presbyterianism before the crisis at Corpus Christi 12 years ago. Thank God Cardinal Ratzinger forced our Bishop to fire Fr. Jim Callan. His crimes were to invite all to communion, allow women on the altar, and bless gay/lesbian unions. After a period of descernment, Spiritus Christi was created by the displaced parishioners and Fr. Jim joined them. We now have ordained women priests as well and marvelous outreaches. There is growth. I only wish more disheartened folks had such an alternative as I have had. Do check us our at
Mary Wilkins