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Thank you; your column was very thoughtful; and thanx for the quotes.

For me, as someone who generally values the insights gained growing up in the Old and New Testament, I do not always struggle in my attempt to incorporate scientific discoveries, esp. of the past 2-600 years. I was taught to welcome them, (to think about them). The world is not only not flat, but it came into being 5? billion years ago; the continents used to be 'Pangea'; northern earth was an ice cap until relatively recently...

Many scientific discoveries do point one toward wonder, whether or not one believes in God or not. Scientists keep on asking questions because they want to know, and/or because new evidence and discoveries do not match up to our current explanatory systems.

As someone who came to believe at a very young age, the mystery of existence has only increased as I have grown. Scientific discoveries inform many of my beliefs; they have deepened them.