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Beautifully written and very insightful. Thank you, Krista
I have been struggling with the question of religion in its current practice and its usefulness in our current zeitgeist. I was born and raised Catholic, attended many Anglican services and ultimately baptized Mormon at the age of 14.  I have not practiced nor do I identify with any of the aforementioned religions and have no desire to subscribe to any. However I am very interested in the subject of religion and try to educate myself on the different beliefs. For now see religion as a foundation that has long outlived its use. I believe this "foundation" where once useful, is crumbling under the weight of our awakening and science. It's important for me to distinguish religion from God. I do believe in god. I'm just not convinced he lives up there somewhere - the god of the bible. My god resides in nature and in every act of love and kindness.
 As for where science and religion "met" I think the dichotomy is self imposed because of an inherent need to be right and to solidify a certain belief. It's what we do when our belief system is challenged. There are striking similarities between them. They are both fantastic in wonderment, have crazy mind blowing theories and history and ultimately both lead to more questioning. We take the joy out of them when we try to use one to disprove the other, instead of reveling in and studying their inconsistencies. We see nature in all its glory and infinite wonder, but instead of learning how to preserve it we try to dissect it with science, and claim it with religion, all while it slips from us.
 There is, however a beautiful compromise. Where the two can meet and exist harmoniously. It's called love.