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Bhai JDF. Hi ! The motive behind your approach is most relevant and needed. Yet, sometimes calling a "spade a spade" helps ! (of course, making sure that we are not seeing a mote in the brother's eye...!). It may even help the spade change. There were such extremists in our Lord's time. He did I think call a spade a spade (?) be it the Pharisees, the Maccabees. All the while He loved them " He did not commit himself to them for He knew what was in man" though it relates to all of us, may be be more specifically meant for those who use a different means to achieve the end; quite often the motive is questionable and even otherwise the end does not justify the means. Therefore, maybe we need to call a spade a spade, but righteously, compassionately.....Best wishes, Yohan John Kunnenkeril, India