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It would be helpful to do a show focused on the caregiver's experience and perspective. When a person who is a part of a couple gets this diagnosis, both people get the diagnosis. And the disease is not just pathological but it's also social, as we've found out very quickly. My wife was diagnosed a bit less than a year ago, is still functioning at a relatively high level though she can no longer work and is now on disability, but our healthy circle of friends has already begun to tighten and get smaller, not because we've pulled back, but because some of them have. That's probably been one of the hardest things to accept: that when you're still relatively young, and we're in our early 60s, folks our own age or younger don't want to go anywhere near this. Well, neither did we, but now it's our reality. The hardest thing probably is that we have no family here at all; it's just the two of us. So that's mainly what I think about when I wake in the middle of the night wondering how we'll manage as things progress. For the time being we're lucky - she seems stable and we're still having fun and enjoying one another.