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Has the sun baked your brain? A lot of people stand to lose from an "open-window revolution." I've read that half a century ago, less than a third of Americans lived in the South; now it's more than half. The South is productive and economically viable, and that is not because of lawyers; it's because of air conditioning.

Not to mention the people who die from the heat every summer!

All those office workers sitting outside are taking a break from work--not working in the sun. It's April 13 and 88 degrees in Memphis, with high pollen and high humidity. I am thankful to be able to turn on my a/c, stay cool, think clearly and breathe easier (and not worry about someone coming in a window tonight).

If you don't like a/c turn yours off. While you're at it, turn off your computer, lights, fridge, coffeemaker, washer, security system, radio... Are you ok with that?

Brett, perhaps you could do some problem-solving and figure out how to cool buildings using less energy. That would truly be inspiring.