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My body reacts quite negatively to the stress that AC and recycled air puts on my body. Such a drastic change in temperature several times a day, I often become sick from it. Even in the tropics (95-100), I personally, am more comfortable in the shade with open windows (or walls) and a fan, than in a boxed in room with the AC on and there is no shock to the system when I 'go outside'. Of course it takes awhile to become acclimatized to a warm climate but this will never happen living with AC. I am thankful that my windows here in the South are not painted shut although I do wish they were insulated better. Thank you for sharing this piece.

"But I couldn't live without AC. When it's 93 degrees outside and the humidity is over 80%."

The thing is, you could live. People believing that they really couldn't live without AC or many of the other "conveniences" that really aren't that convenient (consider how many extra hours you have to work to pay the electric bill, and all of the other 'costs' on a global scale to living this way). I'm not trying to pick on you Michael, it breaks my heart to hear people say things like "I couldn't loose my job, my kids would starve." Give yourself some credit people, we humans are resilient being, we can overcome really great challenges. We can problem solve, we can do amazing things, especially in the case of survival. If you live in fear that your 'living' is dependant on something like AC or a specific job, maybe you really could use some more fresh air, and some inspiration that might come from living a little uncomfortably for a bit.

With respect, b.