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While I thought that this show on revenge and forgiveness was interesting, Mr. McCullough address what happens when asking for forgiveness is rejected. Just asking for forgiveness does not guarantee it will be accepted. He should have spoken more about this aspect, and how it affects the person who asks for forgiveness.

In my opinion, if one asks for forgiveness and try to make right the wrong, and if one is still rejected, the person who is asking for forgiveness should not feel an additional guilt for being rejected. The onus, or responsibility of moving forward now rests on the shoulders of the one offended. By rejecting the act of forgiveness, the offended has chosen to hold on to the pains and burdens of the offense (and revenge usually rises out of this situation more often than Mr. McCullough believes).

Just one more thing in closing; Is there forgiveness if the person who was offended says, "I'll forgive but I'll never forget."