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Thank you, David Black. Love your insights. I've been listening again to Krista's interview with Jaroslav Pelikan regarding Creeds. He notes two creedal statements that have guided two important faiths through history. In the Jewish faith, "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is one." And, in the Muslim faith "There is no God but Allah,. and Muhammad is his prophet." Pelikan also notes that Christianity "sprouts" creedal statements left and right. He collected over a thousand. Yet, "Love God. Love each other" should be enough? I would think so. It is only when we start to parse out our commitments to that statement, that we start to "sprout" creeds to define our borders and boundaries between faith and life. We lose something in the process.
Clowns help us see ourselves from new, necessary perspectives. Thank you, David Black, for being "The Clown in the Tent".