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In response to Lou Nolastnamegiven: You are probably right about the RCC's acceptance of life elsewhere. Just another excuse to try and destroy another culture. (Along with the right wing evangelistic Protestants.) You failed, however to comment of the most important element of my note. That the church is not open minded..especially about it's beliefs. The existence of the Magisterium is all one need to understand how close minded it is. For 1400 years the church would not allow commoners to study the bible, and printing press or not., as Corapi made clear, you're not allowed to think for yourselves...and if you do..and actually believe you might be right, you're out. Just the kind of arrogance the universe needs. The entire Library at Alexandria was burned by a RCC Bishop. The books of the Maya were burned by a RCC Priest. All the Cathars of France; men, women and children were killed with the blessings of the Pope. And who knows how many other tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands were tortured and killed in the name of Jesus. Were it not for the Reformation we would be living in the Dark Ages today. It is the structure of the RCC that breeds the hate and corruption we see even today. It is run by cowards...who can't face the truth that power corrupts...even in the name of god. And a good half of those men publicly condemn the sexuality that they can practice so well hidden in the sanctuaries of the RCC. Sources: Gary Wills and Malachi Martin. PS- I am pro what anybody's sexual orientation is...but to condemn others as being sinful ( and now disordered..whatever that means) who are what one despicable at best.
What the universe does not another belief system to fight over given the example of the RCC over the past 1700 years.(Since Constantine) when pagans were murdered by the score, their places of worship destroyed and god knows what in the name of god.