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No doubt the SBNR statement has become an off the cuff cliché for a lot of people. However, for me and a lot of others the SBNR label has serious meaning. I am a very proud Deist and philosophical Buddhist. I don't believe Buddha was perfect and I certainly don't worship him as some do. Having said this, I think SBNR has much more do do with including logic and not science regarding our spiritual lives. I can give compassion, respect, and service and not believe in The Genesis story of a talking snake in a tree or in burning in hell for all eternity because I don't accept Jesus raising people from the dead.
As far as being a spiritual Lone Ranger, I certainly do not consider myself that. My " church" consists of anyone who is a loving and logical person. I have many friends and family that are this way. Just my two cents. Thanks for reading.