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Nothing to do with science in my view. Raised in a very strictly religious Catholic family, I learned first hand the constrictions of scripture had little to do with nourishing the spirit and much more to do with the power of man over man. Spirituality is its own realm, not requiring any written or repeated dogma to verify its value or existence. In my view, religion offers the patina of a shared communal experience for most (as in being one's brother's keeper) while spirituality is a more individual and thus more difficult path.
With a nod to Teilhard here, I think spirituality requires personal evolution, while religion requires personal conformity/stagnation. Another way to think of it is like mountain climbing. If you imagine a 14'er before you, and you accept the challenge of climbing towards the peak, you can make some choices. As you look around you can find any number of folks standing under bright banners saying "this is the correct path" and indeed, they have laid out steps or gravel which many have followed. Each offers a different path up the same mountain. Each requires some form of payment to enter their path, be it obeying, tithing, or maybe not eating fish on Fridays. These paths pretty much guarantee you will find your way up as long as you keep trying, and keep breathing.

However, a spiritual person looks at the same mountain and rejects all those groomed paths, seeing instead that s/he can make an individual way up that is not marked, but rings true for that person. The mountain is the same, the choice to ascend/evolve is the same but the decision as to what constitutes an honest, fully engaged ascent is individual. As such, the path a spiritual person makes is not blazed wide open, but simply traversed, leaving only footprints.

I doubt this ascent/evolution has any particular age requirements. I'm a middle of the boom boomer.