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It's very simple. I'm 58 and I have a deeply spiritual inner life. I believe in God, praying my own prayers, meditation, and the power of the unseen. I have a "working relationship" with the spiritual world. BUT, I don't follow a particular religion, its dogma, its customs and rules, because every single one of them, by virtue of naming itself is--must be--ultimately exclusionary to anyone who is not one of them. Religion, as an institution, creates divisions between people and I don't want to be a part of that. Can you guess that I was raised Catholic? I left the church when I was 12 and consider myself a recovering--if not recovered--Catholic.
The study of esoteric Christianity, in my 30's, went a long way toward redeeming my upbringing where every question was answered with, "That is a mystery we are not meant to understand." But by then I had had enough direct spiritual experience to begin to establish my own relationship to the spiritual. AND I see ABSOLUTELY NO CONFLICT between modern scientific discovery and belief in God. John Lennon said, "There's nothing you can know that can't be known," and there's nothing you can discover that can't be contained by the Godhead...unless your concept of IT is too small.