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We've all let words become whatever we want them to mean and forgot either by ignorance or by choice that God created us all. All that has been said here is that spiritual means love and God where as religion is more of the laws and dogma. I believe that God put a spark in us all. Spiritualism is inherent. We know from a young age what love is and how it feels. We know right and truth from its absense. Yet in the world of the material, we also learn that we can do as we please. This "free will" given to us lets us determine our own best course. How has it turned out so far? Wars, poverty, disease, politics, prejudice, intolerance, hatred and the list goes on. We stopped listening to the spiritual side of us and religion became just the rules and dogmas of a few to control the many so it was said. But what is religion? For me, religion is comprised of two parts. The first being the spiritual. The reaffirmation that God loves me and that He will never leave me alone. The second, is the harder part of how do we put this into practice within ourselves and with the rest of society. The Golden Rule, the elimination of ego, the laws of marriage and divorice, the eating and praying habits to be followed are but a very few. These are but the doctor's prescription for a better world. The prescription has changed over time for each new illness of the world. The spiritual and the religious are the two wings of a bird. Both have to be strong in order for the bird to fly into the heavens as it was meant to do. The spiritual side feeds our soul and allows us to open to the possibilities. The religious shapes our behaviors and that of society so that all can benefit from the teachings. We don't all have to be Christian, Muslim or any one religion to understand the teachings and to apply them to our lives. If each of us followed the true teachings as sent down by any one religion, the world would be a better place. I say pick a religion, read and study for yourselves to find what God wanted for the world. Religion without spirituality is dogma, Spirituality without Religion is superstition.