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10 years ago, I didn't understand what people meant when they said they were "spiritual." Today, having been guided by a wonderfully spiritual pastor, I'm beginning to understand it more. Here are some of my thoughts. Many more young people are in mixed (religious) marriages or the product of same. In the past few decades there have been numerous news reports of religious leaders involved in unsavory practices which certainly do not follow Jesus' teachings and are sometimes blatantly illegal which leads to cynicism about religion. Some Christian churches have been very vocal about their support of the wars in the Middle East, which can lead to pondering about the meaning of religion. I believe that all of these trends (and many more, I'm sure) can lead to moving away from organized "religion" and to defining oneself as "spiritual but not religious." It's also a convenient way of being able to say "I believe [something] but don't attend church." In my own journey, I'm currently comfortable being part of two churches of different denominations.