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Spiritual but not religious! This has been my creed for several decades. Born in the 50's, I was raised Catholic. My mother was Irish Catholic and my Father was a convert. I started to drift from the church at a very young age. I loved all the mysticism, allegories and rich fantasies, but I just couldn't accept or reconcile all the hypocrisy, sexism, and contradictions. I recall at an early age feeling that so much of the Bible was being taken too literally and therefore rife with extensive misinterpretation. I was told to stop challenging these notions and instead just surrender my faith. I was told to be thankful that I was born Catholic, for I'll be saved while the rest will be damned. I was told that my questioning was the mark of a bad, disruptive, petulant child. I was instructed to conform or risk damnation. I put up a mask as long as I could.

I am spiritual, but not religious. I find religion repugnant. Religion preys on the weak. It manipulates and distorts. It's narrow minded.