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"spiritual but not religious" grew up Southern Baptist, am a recovering alcoholic, I believe in something I have no dogma
or no dogma for claiming to have no dogma, if there is a God
he is all powerfull, I am powerless, I pray I claim open mindness,
and a willingness to listen, I also pray and am gratefull for life.
I hope I meet Jesus when I die but I hope all Buddist do to.
My mother tells the story of a traveling show that come to school
and some didn't have the quarter to see the show, after everyone paid they let the ones in that didn't have the quarter thats the way my God is he let's you in wether you pay your quarter or not.
That's all God is to me, life is not a proving ground to please God it is
something that I'm not totally sure. The only absolute is I have no absolutes.