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I find it interesting that you pose the question of whether or not "spiritual" is an attempted reconciliation with science. Though that may be part of each individuals choice to become "spiritual but not religious," I think what the SBNR title comes down to is a rejection of a rigid belief system. To say that one is religious begs the question, "well, what religion are you?" People are slowly realizing that matters of faith do not fit into tiny boxes with neat labels. Saying that "I am X religion" is a dogma in itself. Things are more complicated than the Buddhists, the Catholics, Hindus, Muslim, indigenous beliefs, ETC. can claim to know within only their /own/ frame of reference. A more well rounded "spiritual but not religious" person is open to possibilities, and can read between the lines of religious doctrines, finding truth the way it is supposed to be found - in a highly personalized, direct experience of their own life. (That's why it's great that one of the people on this site commented: My Dog!)