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I lead one of the largest spiritual-not-religion congregations in the nation, with over 1000 of us gathering each Winter Solstice. It's been a challenge to find the highest common denominators that unite this group, but a few demographic studies have been helpful to find three words can define them: mystic, animist, agnostic. It's that last one, agnostic, that comes from immersion in science. Members of my congregation joke that we belong to the Church of the I Don't Know. We've learned to live with ambiguity, even dance with it. The view of the Earth from Apollo 11 changed our perceptions, turned us toward being global beings and birthed an environmental movement. The Hubble Deep Field Photograph is shifting us again 40 years later, with its revealing in a blank spec of space thousands of galaxies. Whatever the future of spirituality is, it will have to keep up with that photo.