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Religion has always been nothing more than an attempt to describe the spiritual experience. Each time a person has a spiritual experience, they attempt to describe it and thus a religion is born. For those who have a profoundly significant and very deep spiritual experience, they are the creators of major religions. But the fact is there are as many personal minor religions as there are people on the planet. Notwithstanding your affiliation with another religious group, your own interpretation is unique to your self. If you look at the derivation of the word religion, you see that it means to tie up, to tie fast, to connect, in other words to validate your particular belief and create a sense of certainty in life. Even the atheist is professing a religion of denial of primal cause. Science in a way is also a religion, just couched in carefully prescribed creeds and rituals to give it the appearance of more objectivity. Double cross over, randomized, reproducible just illustrate that if you consistently believe something, you will get consistent results. Most scientists like to kid themselves that they can perceive something without any of their own beliefs and thoughts being involved. Only a truly spiritual person can do that, and when you do, you discover the difference between religious and spiritual.