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What I find so interesting is how increasing my intelligence of many other faith traditions, helped me appreciate my own so much more. I spent years "plumbing the depths," yet rarely found connections that resonated. Yes, definitely, my own tradition 'had it all in there,' but I couldn't access it. For me, looking outside blew open the myth that one tradition or the other has a monopoly on Truth. I now believe we're all saying the same things in vastly different ways and the proof in the pudding is if my path leads me to peace within myself. (...kingdom of heaven within...) That peace cannot help but find its way into helping me naturally want to do those things I formerly had to be "commandmented" or "script(ur)ed" to do.

I've recently learned that up to 57% of Americans are introverts--by nature we find social activity draining after a short while. Perhaps this accounts for some of the spiritual-but-not-religious divide. For me, religion is more about the people side of the equation, my "spiritual homework," if you will. Spirituality for me is the experiential, some might say metaphysical side comprised of prayer, meditation, contemplation, mysticism, etc. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive, yet the number of religious groups in the world speak to how well that's worked thus far!

I loved the Facebook dialogue, yet long posts have to be broken up. (isn't THAT telling!) I'm thinking if you did a SOF show on the topic, you'd not be able to stop the flow.

Thanks for doing what you do.